Book Reviews

“The coincidence that I read Frank's book while planning a long cross-country flight still amazes me. Just reading his book has so much better prepared me for the trip with real life experiences. I also learned of the Cub's capabilities.”

“It is fantastic, really. Frank put a whole new face on "low and slow". I am almost ready to trade in the Skyhawk for a J-3.”
Gary, Cessna 172 Pilot

“The writing made me feel as if I was with the author in the Cub. On an airline flight to Seattle, I looked down at Rollins Pass on the Continental Divide near Denver and thought "never in a Cub".” 
Ed, Airline Pilot

“When Frank talks about flying low, believe it. I have flown with him.”
Bill, Aviation Writer

"For over 35 years, Cub Club member, Frank Baker, has been flying his stock 65 hp Cub all over the U.S. with a single 12 gallon fuselage tank. Frank has had many unique and interesting experiences. A good read for all Cub lovers." 

"This book is an amazing story about a man in love with flying and the J3 Cub. A must read for anyone that is interested in this wonderful plane."
Chris, 5-star review on